AJ Silver
Birth & Postnatal Doula
Essex, Kent, London & Hertfordshire


LGBT* Competency workshop

Whats included


Full day workshop to enable participants to gain a base of knowledge to move forward in self study to become LGBT+ Competent. 

We will cover:

- Why you should give a shit, the facts and figures

- Language, assumptions and safety

- Trans men birthing and feeding their babies

- Same sex parents: surrogates, sperm donors

- Bi / Pan sexual parents and erasure

- LGBTTQQIA - explaining the alphabet soup

- Interactive actives 

- Question and answer sessions

 - Further Reading list

When, where and how much?


That is entirely up to you. For simplicity on each side we charge a single fee. We show up at a date and time that is mutually agreeable at the venue of your choosing.

You can have 2 people or 50 people (suggested group size 20), that is up to you the price remains the same.

There may be a travel surcharge depending on your location. Majority of English cities covered as standard.

Who is it suitable for?


Anyone who walks along side expectant or new families, including but not limited to:


- Breast / chest feeding supporters

- Hypnobirthing Instructors

- Babywearing professionals

- Baby massage class providers

- Pregnancy or postnatal yoga teachers

- Midwifes / health visitors

Who is involved

AJ Silver


AJ has written the bulk of the course along with the contributors.

A non binary AFAB pansexual Birth and postnatal Doula from Essex.

They are also a qualified babywearing consultant (school of babywearing 2015) and trainee breast / chest feeding counsellor with the association of breastfeeding mothers.

AJ is a parent to two who advocates for LGBT+ inclusion in the language, media and landscape of birth, pregnancy and parenthood.

Their blogs have been featured by many big figures in the birthing world such as Birthrights UK, Aims and they have appeared on Sprogcast.

Midwife Nathan Welch


Nathan Welch is a home birthing dad to two little people with lots of breastfeeding and milk sharing experience. Nathan is a trans man who is on testosterone and is married to his husband. He is a practicing full time NHS community midwife. 

Having already spoken at the Procreate Project at Kings collage London, and pregnant then screwed we are certain that Nathan will bring organic and valuable insights on the struggles of AFAB transmasculine persons in the birth and baby world.

Dr. Mari Greenfield


Dr Mari Greenfield is a lesbian birth- and foster-mum, who has been a Doula for over a decade, and now mentors new Doulas. 

She is also a LLL Leader who specialises in helping non-biological mothers with breastfeeding.  

Her PhD is in traumatic birth, and she continues to research perinatal mental health academically.


Mars Lord - Abuela Doula


Mars has been a Doula for over 14 years.

She’s championed inclusion for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic persons in an aim to colour in the landscape of birth.

Speaking publicly for Feminism in London, Pregnant then screwed, Procreate Project amongst many other things, she’s been on the BBC media speaking about the disparity of BAME persons' birthing outcomes, as well as featured on 'Sprogcast' talking about cultural competency. She has her own podcast '...Whilst Black'.

Mars, a double award winning Doula, was honored in 2018 to be named as one of the Mayor of London’s hidden treasures.

Mars not only created and runs Abuela Doulas training courses, including Doula prep, cultural competency and loving the multiple parents, she still finds the time to support families in their birth and postnatal journeys.


Ami is a passionate birth worker and birth activist.

I spend a lot of time talking about the impact of and reasons for the disparities in black maternal health as shown by the MBRRACE 2018 report. 

I speak a lot about inclusion and thanks to Ami, I have learned, rather painlessly, how to improve my own language and ways of inclusion.

As you can imagine, two fiery, passionate people, talking about inclusion and reproductive justice is a sight to be seen. 

Frankly though, you're more likely to see us quaffing mussels over beer and wine.

Jen Muir - Badass Birth


Jen Muir has been a Doula for 3 years and is the founder of BadAss Birth.

 Shes campaigned for equality in racial and LGBT* persons struggles whilst building an empire of informed, empowered and wise birth workers.

Jen has been recognised for her greatness by nominations for awards such as the MaMa award.

She provides coaching for other birthworkers utilising her incredible knowledge of social media, marketing and her Badass self.

Jen came out as bisexual in 2018 in a time where LGBT+ persons were under more fire than ever in the birthing world, further cementing her position as a person of influence and strength in the birthing world.


AJ's energy is a game changer. 

From our first meeting I knew that this was someone I was going to learn from, grow from and seek knowledge and inspiration from.

I have had the privilege of coaching AJ and this has given me a window into how focused, passionate and knowledgeable they are in their birth work, their LGBT+  activism and their mission to change the language of birth.

AJ has completely overhauled my own mindset. 

I am so thankful for the way they have challenged me to take what I already thought was a super switched on message and catapult it into a loving, cohesive, inclusive message which shine the much deserved spotlight on my LGBT brothers, sisters and friends.