AJ Silver Birth & Postnatal Doula: Essex, Kent, London & Hertfordshire


The QBC is a catch all umbrella for my work as an LGBT+ Activist.

The book - The Queer Birth Club is in it's final stages. It is a one of a kind. The only book that has pooled together lived experience of LGBT+ folks in their pregnancy and baby journeys.

I was very lucky to have a huge variety of contributes sharing their own words and work, as well as, in depth interviews with incredible people in the birth world and parents.

It will serve as information sharing and education to Health Care Professionals that want to offer an inclusive service and care. As well as, another, deviant, glorious testament to Queer lives everywhere. 

Under this umbrella I also offer my services as speaker, podcast guest and educator. 

I have been featured on many platforms, both online and in person to speak about LGBT+ Inclusion within the birth and baby world

What We Do


Full one day workshop covering the basics and further reading / independent learning towards LGBT+ Competency.

Guest speaker at your event or conference etc.

Virtual guest on podcasts etc.

Written work: Articles, opinion pieces etc.

One to One services: Personal education, looking at your website / social media to give suggestions and information on inclusive language and imagery.

When, where and how much?


That is entirely up to you.

I can come to your event in person or virtually.

Workshops are best run face to face. Suggested group size 15.  A one off flat fee is charged for the workshop. 

Guest speaker or virtual guest speaker will vary by content and duration.

Written piece will also vary for word count, subject matter and publication.

Please get in touch with your needs.

Who is it suitable for?


Anyone who wants to be more LGBT+ inclusive.

If you work with families you need to ensure that you are moving with the times and making sure that you are seen as safe and inclusive for the LGBT+ families that want or need your services.

My area of expertise are Baby wearing, Breast / Chest feeding and Doula-hood.