AJ Silver Birth & Postnatal Doula: Essex, Kent, London & Hertfordshire

AJ Silver Birth & Postnatal Doula: Essex, Kent, London & Hertfordshire

AJ Silver Birth & Postnatal Doula: Essex, Kent, London & HertfordshireAJ Silver Birth & Postnatal Doula: Essex, Kent, London & Hertfordshire

Badass Birth - Jen Muir - podcast

Queer Birth & LGBT+ competency

Every time I talk to Jen I go away fired up to work! This is no exception.

Jen is an incredible birth worker, bussiness woman and friend.

Their new podcast hit the top 10 of Apple's podcast chart for Family podcasts in it's first week.

This is it's first full length episode.

Listen to hear us talk about LGBT+ inclusion in birth. 

What I am up to right now and more.


Plus Size & Pregnant Podc

Part One - LGBT+ Birth & podcast

hen Kelly came to me to ask me to be on the podcast, I wasn't sure what "angel" to take. Am I discussing my experiences as a fat womxn. Or as a Fat Queer. It seemed entangled. Kelly had the solution to separate my birth story from my work as an LGBT + activist and Non Binary birthing person. 

The First Episode dedicates to my activism to enhance inclusion and start conversations surrounding those who birth outside the cis hetero normative.


PLus Size & Pregnant Podcast

Part Two - My fat birth, birth story.


The Second part cover my birth stories. My experiences as a fat person who wants to birth at home. The contrast between my two pregnancies and births. I hadn't spoken about my births in quiet a while, it always amazes me that over 7 years later, I am still discovering new feelings over the experiences.


SproGcast - Podcast

Birth Beyond the Binary

Recorded in August 2019 

I was delighted to be invited by Mark Harris and Karen Hall to discuss all things birth, pregnancy, chest and breastfeeding for those of us that birth outside of the worlds cis heteronormative.

Off the back of my Aims Article (See blogs page) Mark and I exchanged some emails to discuss the possibility of raising this subject with their wide audience base.

Mark agreed that it is very much needed discussion in the birthing world.

Click the logo to listen to my Sprogcast and More.

I recommend Episode 39 - Cultural Competency with Mars Lord


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